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This is my handsome and AMAZINGLY talented brother who is headed off to Texas Tech this fall! He apparently got ALL of the musical genes in our family….Such a dedicated and responsible guy, he is going to ROCK college. 🙂

We are going to miss you so much Andrew! Won’t be the same with out you around!Kendall Stoy Photography_Childrens_Photography_Denton_Frisco_Dallas_0030

Out of The Office

So….I know it is Valentines Day.

But this post is about a Halloween Costume.

Let’s just go with it, okay?

I had been meaning to do a blog post about this for a while, like, since Halloween….and blogging more is my goal for this year. And we’re half way through February already. So here it goes!

When I asked my son what he wanted to be for Halloween, he immediately told me, a DINOSAUR! My daughter also loves dinosaurs, and I kind of loved the idea of her being something that wasn’t a typical “girl” costume. I set out searching Pinterest, and found some seemingly easy tutorials for a super cute dinosaur costume! I used this one from Rust and Sunshine, she also links back to Running With Scissors for the tail!


Kendall Stoy Photography_Childrens_Photography_Halloween_Costume_Dinosaur_Denton_Frisco_Dallas_0006


My first step was finding zipper hoodies and pants as the base of the dinosaur costume. This was a little trickier than I had anticipated, as a lot of the hoodies have graphics or cartoons all over them, but I found a plain set for my son at Walmart, and then found a cute pink hoodie (on the clearance rack! score!) with a ruffle around the bottom for my daughter, which we paired with some hot pink leggings we already owned.

After that, I headed to Joann’s to find fleece that matched their sweatshirt hoodies, and to pick out their “spike” colors from the felt.

And then I headed to my moms. So she could sew it for me.

I helped cutting out the spike pieces, does that count???

I can TOTALLY sew by the way. I just can’t thread a bobbin to save my life.

These costumes came out so cute, and got TONS of compliments on Halloween night. And they still love to dress in their dinosaur tails and play around the house, which I love!

Kendall Stoy Photography_Childrens_Photography_Halloween_Costume_Dinosaur_Denton_Frisco_Dallas_0005Kendall Stoy Photography_Childrens_Photography_Halloween_Costume_Dinosaur_Denton_Frisco_Dallas_0002 Kendall Stoy Photography_Childrens_Photography_Halloween_Costume_Dinosaur_Denton_Frisco_Dallas_0003



I will be taking some time off to spend some QT with these cuties and the rest of my amazing family! I will do my best to still return some emails and phone calls, but it may be taking longer than usual! I am sure you understand! I hope you all have a beautiful holiday with your own loved ones as well!

no one should ever have to clean all that up off the floor.

This session was bittersweet for me. Of course, I LOVE shooting Ella, I mean, can we say “china doll”???? But the sad part was her and her mama and daddy were moving far away a few days later!

You know when you really click  with someone? And you just KNOW you are going to be great friends???

Well that was me and Ella’s mom, but our timing was off 🙁

SO we will have to continue our friendship via Instagram and Facebook for now!

As you can see, it isn’t hard to get great pics of this girl! We even got some fun shots of her and Grandma, and of course some “Mommy & Me” pictures too!

Miss you guys already!!!!

Despite it all…I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love my babies and I love being their mama!

Hope all you mamas had a magical day!