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So I had to laugh when Michele emailed me about booking this session – I think her exact words were: “Don’t faint, but I have a 3 year old and 16 month old triplets.”

Have no fear, I am always up for a challenge. The kids were total troopers in the triple digit heat and massive grasshoppers – and we got some awesome shots. Such a sweet, beautiful family! I am so glad I got the chance to photograph you guys!

Kendall Stoy Photography_Childrens_Photography_Denton_Frisco_Dallas_0029

I love this session. As you can see it was so beautiful and I love how calm, bright and fresh the images are from this session. Baby Hayes was welcomed into this awesome family with lots of love, especially from his big brother 🙂 Can’t wait to watch you grow, like I have your bro! Kendall Stoy Photography_Childrens_Photography_Denton_Frisco_Dallas_0033

Kendall Stoy Photography_Childrens_Photography_Denton_Frisco_Dallas_0020

Kendall Stoy Photography_Childrens_Photography_Denton_Frisco_Dallas_0019

Kendall Stoy Photography_Childrens_Photography_Denton_Frisco_Dallas_0015

Kendall Stoy Photography_Childrens_Photography_Denton_Frisco_Dallas_0014


Y’all, I am so pumped. When I was presented with the opportunity to not only review a pair of Freshly Picked Moccasins, but GIVE AWAY a pair to one of you, I jumped on it! The hubs and I are big fans of Shark Tank, and I was so excited to see Freshly Picked on it a few weeks ago. It is always fun to see a product that you are already familiar with on there. Not only that, but they scored an awesome deal with Daymond John! Sweet!

When I was deciding what pair to get for my little Molly, who is 2 years old, I chose to go with the Platinum color because I figured that color would go with almost anything – and they do. Which is good because I am not exaggerating when I tell you that she wouldn’t take them off when she first got them. She even slept in the that first night! “So pwetty,” she said 🙂


Now, Molly is a long and skinny girl, and when I first opened the moccasins, I thought – oh these will never stay on her little feet! But I was wrong…..the way they are designed, with the elastic around the ankle part, have kept them on. We haven’t had any instances of them falling off of her. They fit great, and were pretty easy to size, thanks to the handy sizing sheet they have online.

My other concern was that they might not hold up well during tough play, I was unsure how the soft sole would do…..but I have been pleasantly surprised! We are HARD on shoes around here and they still look great! Mud, trampoline, riding bikes, running on the concrete, jumping on the trampoline – and still holding strong. One important thing to know though is – when you get your moccasins, you receive two identical shoes, there is no left or right, BUT…..after the very first wear, the shoe begins to mold to their foot and from that point forward, it is very obvious which shoes is for which foot, simply by looking at the bottom of the shoe (you can see their little foot print).

Since they do have a soft sole, I think these would be PERFECT for a little one who is just learning to walk. I so wish I had known of these when Molly was learning to walk!


So now for the fun part: THE GIVEAWAY!

The winner of this contest gets to choose the color and size that they wish! I loved the platinum color we got, but I am dying to get my hands on this new Aruba color! At the bottom of this blog post you will find a small box that will allow you to enter the giveaway multiple ways! Once you have checked that yes, you like Kendall Stoy Photography on Facebook, it will have even more options pop up for you. The more you complete, the more entries you get! You can even come back and enter every day until the contest is over (Friday, April 25th).


Have fun and Good Luck!

Kendall Stoy Photography_moccasins_shark tank_giveaway_photography_baby_child

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