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My friend Madison of Madison Vining Photography   recently adopted a precious baby boy. You can read his story here.

Is this not the CUTEST????




The Vinings dreamt that they could a) adopt debt-free, and b) help other families answer the call to adopt without feeling hindered by finances. With that, Vine & Ever  was born.


Vine & Ever is a retail store with a mission. 100% of all proceeds go to fund The Vining family’s adoption, and when their personal adoption has been completely funded, a % of proceeds will go toward funding other families’ adoptions.

One of their cutest items are these soft “Hi” Hoodies. Before they were matched with their sweet baby boy, they suggested that each person who purchased one upload a photo to social media with the hashtag #hibabyvining, so that a book could be compiled for their baby for him/her to see how many people helped to bring them home. Now, Baby Vining is home! And he is definitely feeling that love.


Some of their other popular products include these wall prints. I have THIS one in my own kitchen 🙂

Here are a few of my favorites:



Vine & Ever would like to give all Kendall Stoy Photography readers 15% off their purchase with code WELOVEADOPTION. I would love if you’d join me in supporting their cause: bringing babies like Nolan home.


So I had to laugh when Michele emailed me about booking this session – I think her exact words were: “Don’t faint, but I have a 3 year old and 16 month old triplets.”

Have no fear, I am always up for a challenge. The kids were total troopers in the triple digit heat and massive grasshoppers – and we got some awesome shots. Such a sweet, beautiful family! I am so glad I got the chance to photograph you guys!

Kendall Stoy Photography_Childrens_Photography_Denton_Frisco_Dallas_0029

This session was so fun for me, because of the location! Obviously I am usually photographing families in Texas – so it was a real treat to get to photograph this adorable family on a BEAUTIFUL family farm in Missouri! Beautiful green grass, rolling hills, and cool summer temps (relatively 🙂 Twins Ben and Abby and little brother Will are total dolls! Kendall Stoy Photography_Childrens_Photography_Denton_Frisco_Dallas_0028

I love this session. As you can see it was so beautiful and I love how calm, bright and fresh the images are from this session. Baby Hayes was welcomed into this awesome family with lots of love, especially from his big brother 🙂 Can’t wait to watch you grow, like I have your bro! Kendall Stoy Photography_Childrens_Photography_Denton_Frisco_Dallas_0033

You met Briana and Edward earlier – at their “Love Session” As mentioned before, they had decided to throw a Wedding Reception/Anniversary Party at the Filter Building in Dallas. What a cool venue! I was excited to check it out since I had never been there before. It was full of beautiful spots for portraits, but what the guest really wanted to do, was DANCE! Everyone was having so much fun dancing the night away, it was so fun to watch!

Congratulations Briana and Edward on a successful first year of marriage! So glad I could photograph your special night!

Kendall Stoy Photography_Childrens_Photography_Denton_Frisco_Dallas_0032

I guess we can’t really call these “engagement” photos, because they are already married! These two eloped last year and decided to have a One Year Anniversary/Wedding Party to celebrate with all their family and friends! But what is a wedding with out Engagement pictures? So here we are at the Dallas Arboretum – and we will call these “love photos” hehe 🙂 Congrats you two! Again!Kendall Stoy Photography_Childrens_Photography_Denton_Frisco_Dallas_0031

I am so glad that I had a chance to photograph this beautiful, intimate ceremony for these two at Highland Park United Methodist Church (SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!). Such a sweet family and I loved that their approach to this wedding was focused on family and what a wedding is all about. The marriage.

Best of luck to you guys! Kendall Stoy Photography_Childrens_Photography_Denton_Frisco_Dallas_0034